What are Errors and Warnings and how can they be fixed?

Under the menu item Transactions as well as Reports, Blockpit shows you if Errors or Warnings were found in your tax calculation. To ensure that the current errors and warnings are displayed, a recalculation of the tax reports should be triggered first. During the recalculation of your tax report, all errors and warnings found will already be listed on the reports page.

Make sure to always recalculate the latest tax report (2023) before you view errors or warnings.

You can either edit affected transactions directly on the Reports page or use the filter options illustrated below on the Transactions page to optimize your transaction history:

  • Error or Warning found


    To filter for error messages or warnings, click Show.

  • Unlinked transactions found

    To filter for unlinked transactions, click Link now.
    How to link unlinked transactions automatically or manually?

  • No problems


    After you have fixed all errors, a message will appear indicating that there are no problems. 


What do Warnings mean and how can I solve them?

"We found transactions with missing Assets."

Missing Asset Warnings mean that absent assets have been outflowed. In such cases, an exchange or payout discloses that the balance of the affected asset has fallen below 0. In case of selling this missing asset, due to unknown acquisition costs, the full disposal value of the missing asset will be credited as a profit and thus be valued unfavorably for tax purposes.

Important: In order to resolve warnings, it is necessary to make sure that all transactions of the affected asset in your depot have been imported correctly.

  1. Examine the transaction history of your exchange or wallet and focus your search on the asset that triggered the warning. Start with the oldest warning per affected asset, as this usually triggers all other subsequent warnings.

  2. Please pay attention to which type of depot you are using (unsynced depot, exchange depot, wallet depot) and use all available filter options in the transaction history to compare your Blockpit transactions. Also pay attention to the import options of our automatic exchange- and wallet depot.

  3. Once you have identified missing, duplicate, or incorrect transactions, you can fix them as follows, depending on the type of depot:

    Exchange & Wallet Depot

    Missing transactions can be added manually or...
    Double transactions can be deleted manually or...
    Incorrect transactions can be edited manually or sent as a bug report to our support staff.

    Usnynced Depot

    Missing transactions must be added manually.
    Double transactions must be deleted manually.
    Incorrect transactions must be edited manually.

How to report "missing asset" alerts to support? What evidence base does our support staff need to implement missing, duplicate, or incorrectly imported Exchange or Wallet products (transactions)?


What do Errors mean and how can I solve them?

Errors reveal insufficient transaction details or incorrect linking and are usually related to missing asset details, incorrect linking, or missing hard fork inflows.

These prevent the calculation of the tax report, but can usually be solved quite easily.

The different types of errors can be solved as follows:

  •  Missing Fiat Value:

"There is no fiat value for Asset on MM/DD/JJJJ. Please double-check the fiat value of the asset or contact our support team."

How do I enter missing currency rates via the missing rates feature?

Please check under the menu item Assets whether no fiat value is generally defined for the for the affected asset. You can see this when the value of the asset is listed as "Unknown". You can report this to our support agents if the price data is available on coinmarketcap.com in order to have the error generally corrected.If there is no fiat value for your transaction or asset at a certain point in time, the user can add currency rates to the affected transactions in order to correct the error.


To do this, go to the Transaction menu item and to the corresponding transaction. Now click on the affected asset and select Add Fiat Value. Now you can enter the fiat currency as well as the currency rate of your asset at the time of the transaction and confirm with Set value. The currency rate should always reflect the market price (coinmarketcap.com) at the time of the transaction.

Already linked Deposits and Withdrawals or Airdrops do not require currency rates. Linking transactions or reclassifying them as Airdrops thus solves the problem of a missing currency rates.

If transactions (Trades) are settled directly against fiat or other assets whose price data are known, no additional price source/rate is necessary due to the direct valuation.

  • Linking Loop:

    "There is a looping issue with linked transactions."

    This error refers to incorrectly linked transactions. Please unlink all affected transactions and link them manually afterward. Pay special attention to the timestamps of your transactions to avoid re-linking loops.
    If the time stamps of several affected deposits and withdrawals are identical to the second, they should be manually reprocessed so that a unique or unmistakable chronological order of your transactions is created.

  • Identical incoming and outgoing asset:

    "Incoming and outgoing assets on transaction # must be different. Please edit the transaction to solve the error."

    Transactions with identical incoming and outgoing assets are not possible and indicate an incorrect entry. To fix this error, the transaction must be edited so that incoming and outgoing assets are different. The transaction should be checked in the transaction history of your wallet/exchange.

  • Missing Hardfork History:

    "The necessary amount of Assets is not available at the Hardfork time".

    This error only applies to transactions of the type "Hardfork".
    This error is triggered if the hardfork base asset within the depot is missing at hardfork time.
    Causes for missing assets are mostly missing, double or incorrect transactions for the affected base asset. To solve the error please follow the steps in the above paragraph "What do Warnings mean and how can I solve them?

  • Unknown Hardfork Asset:

    "Asset has no known Hardfork at the specified time." This error only applies to transactions of the type "Hardfork".

    The asset did not have a hardfork at the specified time or the hardfork has not yet been deposited in our database. Please note that your hardfork transaction must be created after the official hardfork date.
    If the error still occurs, please contact our support and provide all necessary information about this hardfork for our support staff so that we can fix the issue for you as soon as possible.

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