Automatic and manual linking of transactions

Incoming and outgoing transfers between two depots should be linked or classified to the corresponding transaction type to create a complete basis for the calculation of the actual tax burden.



Automatic linking

Before you start the linking process, make sure you have created all the exchange, wallet, and Unsynced depots you have used.

To make the transaction history traceable, deposits and withdrawals should be linked.

Blockpit offers automatic linking for transactions that took place within a period of six hours.

To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the menu Transactions in your Blockpit account.
  2. At the top centre there is a note Link now. This note appears if there are unlinked transactions among your transactions.


  3. To fix this, click Link Now.
  4. If Blockpit finds matching transactions, they are now displayed in the form of a list. 

  5. Check the proposed list carefully.

    Tip: If the suggested automatic linking is not correct, you can deselect the recommended linking through the checkbox symbol next to it. 

  6. With Create Link you complete the automatic linking.


Manual linking

If no matching transactions are found during automatic linking, the matching can also be done manually.

  1. Click on the menu Transactions in your Blockpit account.

  2. Clicking on Show sets the filter Status + Equal + Unlinked in the background.

  3. Select the transaction that you want to link to a depot and click on
    +New link.
  4. Now you can choose between Create Withdrawal/Deposit and Link Withdrawal/Deposit: 

    • Link withdrawal/deposit
      If you have already added similar transactions to your Blockpit account, you will be shown a list of possible linking counterparts (threshold: approx. 72 hours and 50% quantity variance).
      Click on the Link button to link the transactions. 

    • Create withdrawal/deposit
      Select a depot for your transaction. To do this, click on the drop-down menu and confirm the assignment by clicking on the button Create transaction. This creates a transaction in the selected depot with the same quantity, currency and time stamp.

  5. Done - the unlinked transactions should now have been linked manually, reducing the number of transactions to be linked.


Counterpart for deposit or withdrawal not found?

If the deposits and withdrawals do not actually refer to a transfer but another transaction type, the transaction can also be processed directly and overwritten with the appropriate transaction type.

Deposits and withdrawals could be understood as a related transaction pair, but if there is no matching transaction there, the stand-alone transaction could also be a different transaction type.

To figure out what happened to the asset at the time of the transaction, you need to figure out which type of transaction fits based on your own exchange or wallet transaction history.


If the appropriate transaction type was found, the transaction can be edited directly and overwritten with the appropriate transaction type.

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