How to report missing, duplicate or incorrect transactions?

The basis of a correct tax report is always a complete transaction history (no missing or incorrect transaction entries). A good indicator of this is a tax report with no Tips displayed.

 specializes in automatic data import solutions for popular exchanges and wallets via API and discloses all potential issues as transparently as possible. If no API is available for your platform, you can still complete your transaction history using Manual Integrations, CSV/Excel imports, or manual entries.

The import spectrum, i.e. the products of your exchange or wallet that have already been implemented, is described in the help center sections as Exchange Integration (API) and Wallet Integration (Public Key).

The import spectrum of our exchange integration is depending on the services provided by the Exchanges. It can therefore happen that products cannot yet be technically implemented for you via API. Often, however, such services are provided by the exchanges over time and can thus be implemented for you subsequently.


How do I fix the Tip "Missing History"?

It's important to have a correct understanding of what can cause the "Missing History" Tip.

Missing History Tips are due to missing, double or incorrect transactions and can be fixed by using the following instructions.


Yay! I found the missing or incorrect transaction in the transaction history of my exchange or wallet!

If the missing, duplicate or incorrect transaction was detected in the transaction history of the exchange or wallet used, the transaction can be added manually in the corresponding Blockpit Integration or a concrete example of the missing transaction with matching documentation can be sent to our Blockpit Support.

Our support staff will then review the sample transactions and documentation you have provided (highlighted screenshots and CSV section of at least one missing or incorrect transaction) and determine if the missing or incorrect transaction (or missing exchange or wallet product) can be implemented into our import spectrum.

What evidence does our support staff need to upgrade APIs?

  • Product description (Screenshot and detailed description of the exchange or wallet product used)
  • Transaction Example (Screenshots and CSV/Excel extract of missing or incorrect transactions from your exchange or wallet transaction history with clearly marked transaction example and visible history title)


    Please avoid Smartphone Screenshots and make sure that the name/label of the transaction history you screenshotted is also visible.

    Without sufficient documentation of the corresponding "Missing History" Tips or missing/incorrect transactions, your request cannot be processed by our support.

Additional information is required for "Missing History" Tips in Wallet Integrations:

  • Public Wallet/Account Address (In case of missing Wallet Integration transactions or assets, a Blockchain Explorer link of the affected transaction or the associated public key is required as an add-on).

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