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How to import data via CoinEx API key?

How do I get my CoinEx API key?

  1. Log into your CoinEx account.
  2. Click in the top-right corner on your profile button and select API Management.
  3. Click on Create API and enter a remark/name for your API key.
  4. Now only grant the API key permission for "Read" and keep all other permission disabled as shown in the image below.
  5. Do not use IP whitelisting for now.


  6. Now finish by entering your SMS code and click on Create.
  7. Your API key and Secret are now visible in the API-List.
    Your Secret is now shown only once and available to copy!
  8. To import your data, you must first create an Integration in the Blockpit Web App.
    To do so, click + Integration in the upper navigation.
  9. Select CoinEx from the list of exchanges, and then copy the API key and the Secret into the designated fields.

    Die activation of your API-Keys by CoinEx seems to take several minutes.Please wait about 5 minutes before completing the creation of your Blockpit Integration via Create.

    Confirm your entries by clicking Create and finish the setup on CoinEx by clicking Confirm.


Which data can be imported via CoinEx API?

Your complete transaction history always serves as the basis for your tax report. Preferably, automatic API solutions are used to import your transactions. Our team is committed to implementing all API data provided by your exchange for you.

Using the following list, you can identify all products that are implemented:



check.png Crypto Deposits & Withdrawals
check.png Fee Payments
check.png Spot Market Trades
check.png Margin Trades

In case of missing transactions, you can identify them in the history of your exchange and help our support team via ticket to include them in our import spectrum.

Not Supported

x.png Futures Trades PnL (Profit, Loss, Fee and Funding)*
x.png Earn: Rewards & Distributions (Staking, Lending, Airdrops, Bounties, Hard Forks)
x.png Swap*
x.png Fiat Deposits*

If an import of your transactions via API is not available on exchange side, you can also add these transactions manually or by migrating your CSV data into our Excel template.

Synced Balance:

check.png Complete import scope

Please note the information about how the asset balance is calculated in this article.
If balances are displayed incorrectly, you can help our support team via Ticket to add them to our API import scope.

Here you will find instructions on how to create an API-Integration in Blockpit.


Will CoinEx automatically deduct the tax for me?

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