How to import my CSV/Excel history?

If your exchange or wallet is not yet available as an automatic integration in the Blockpit WebApp, you can download the transaction history provided by your exchange or wallet (usually as a CSV or XLS file) to migrate it into our generic Excel template in the next step.

These instructions describe how to use the Generic Blockpit Excel Template for importing data into Blockpit Integrations.


How to migrate CSV Data of my Exchange or Wallet into Blockpit's Excel Template?

How do I import multiple transactions at once?

  1. Click on the top menu item +Integration.
  2. Now select Import Excel.
  3. Click on Get Template to download the Excel Template.
  4. The template opens in Google Sheets. Make a copy in your Google Drive or download it as a .xlsx file.


  5. Open the file with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and insert your transaction data into the Blockpit Template according to the given sample transactions.

    If you have problems with the comma (decimal) placement when opening your CSV history in Excel or Google Sheets or other tools, you should first change the default settings of your spreadsheet program to English.

    > Set a locale or region for data in Excel
    > Change the language in Google Sheets

    If you want to structure your Excel data into several columns, this Excel Guide & Google Sheets Guide can help you!

    Please use UTC timestamps for your transactions and comma OR period symbols as decimal separator.

    If your timestamp format is not supported mark the whole column and select Format > Date > Date/Time DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss or other presets.

    In the image below, you see in green all mandatory fields, that have to be filled for each transaction type. Make sure to fill in the correct side (Outgoing or Incoming Asset). For a Trade both sides need to be filled. You can change the transaction type via dropdown menu.
    However, the columns Fee Asset (optional), Fee Amount (optional), Comment (optional) and Trx. ID (optional) can also be left empty.

    Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 13.43.24.png
    Tip: The Blockpit template allows the import of transactions into different integrations (Depot Name) within one upload.
    For the correct consideration and values to be entered in respect of fees, please follow the instructions for the relevant transaction type.

  6. If not already done, create all necessary integrations in Blockpit for the following upload. Add the same name as in your account in column B for each desired integration in your Excel file.

  7. Now upload the file using; "Drop your file here" - dragging the file into the window, or "select an Excel" by selecting the file.

    Import Excel.png

  8. If all fields are filled in correctly, the uploaded file will be displayed in the next step, and you can click Next.

  9. At this point, you get the opportunity to check the found integrations and Assets. In case of variances, please select Assets or Integrations and click on "Import Transactions".


    For continuous uploads, be sure to import each transaction only once, otherwise duplications will occur.

  10. If the file does not contain any errors, the transactions will be imported into your integrations. Otherwise, you will receive appropriate error messages.

    Once your upload is finished you can sort by "Newest imported" in your Transaction list to see all recently imported transactions.


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