Blockpit's Refund Policy

At Blockpit you have the possibility to test our software extensively with the free license. You can import all your integrations (exchanges & wallets) for free and add your transactions manually or via CSV import. View the transactions, test the edit function, check for completeness and preview your capital gains prior to making a purchase.

Nevertheless, it can happen that problems occur and not everything works as planned. Our support can help in many situations!

Can I get a refund?

If you are still not satisfied, please note that all the following conditions must be met in order to get a refund:

  • You contact us with the refund request not later than 14 days after your purchase.
  • A significant error/bug is blocking your tax report and could not be resolved by our support or development team in a reasonable time.
  • You have not downloaded any tax reports.

No refund is possible in the following scenarios:

  • We do not yet offer an API import solution for your Exchanges and Wallets.

    We are constantly expanding our automated import solutions. With the free license you can check in advance which exchanges and wallets can currently be connected via API. In our help center we list the import spectrum in detail.

  • Importing via CSV/XLS file is too complicated for you.

    For the CSV import, you have to transfer your data into our XLS template. There is a separate article for this, and we are also happy to help you via support.

  • Your imported transaction history is not complete and shows Tips.

    For transparency reasons, we show discrepancies in your imported history very precisely. This article will help you fix it, and you can also contact support.

  • Blockpit is generally too complicated for you, and you prefer to switch to a tax consultant and/or change your mind.

    Blockpit is not meant to replace an accountant, Blockpit is a do-it-yourself cryptocurrency tax calculator and portfolio tracker. You still need to have some computer knowledge to navigate the user interface, even though we've tried to make it as simple as we can. Since you can test Blockpit extensively in advance, and we help you in the best possible way in support, no refund is possible for these reasons.

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