Tax Report & Tax Results calculation, download and backup?

With Blockpit, you can easily calculate and download your tax report and analyze tax results for individual labels and tax categories in advance.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Reports menu item in the Web App and select the corresponding tax year.
  2. Before you download the tax report, you should make sure that the report is up-to-date by clicking on Calculate Report. If Tips occur, you can optimize them by following our guidelines.
  3. Once the calculation has been completed successfully, you can download your report by clicking on Download.

    Tax Report download.png

  4. All tax results can also be displayed in the sub-item of the same name.

    Tax Results.png



All functions:

  • Display of configuration and other details of your tax report.
  • Saving of up to 30 tax reports per year. Saved tax reports can be renamed or deleted.
  • Setting favorites for tax reports (When 30 calculated tax reports are reached, the oldest tax report is automatically deleted. This can be avoided by using favorites).
  • Display of tax results per label and tax category as well as profits and losses (already activated for DE & AT users)
  • Filtering of transactions per Tax-Type on the transactions page for activated tax years (license required per tax year)

If the download of the report does not work, please check your internet browser settings and disable all popup blockers for or try another browser like Chrome or Brave.

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