Which Assets are supported?

Our database automatically imports:

check.png Assets listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko
check.png Assets listed on supported exchanges
check.png Assets directly from the blockchain

We also enable a dynamic asset creation. This means that new assets from our users are automatically added to our database.

Entire NFT collections are also automatically imported.


Which asset classes exist?

check.png Fiat (EUR, USD, CHF, etc.)
check.png Crypto (coins & tokens)
check.png Commodities (gold, silver, etc.)
check.png Derivatives (tokenized stocks, tokenized commodities, etc.)
check.png NFTs (NFT Collections)



Hey! I can't select my asset in Blockpit!
In exceptions, the correct asset is missing in the asset selection. Then please contact us via ticket. Please provide us with enough information (short name, long name, token contract address, available links) about the desired asset.
We will then add the asset quickly!

Alternatively, you can use our Generic Assets.


Why is my asset displayed as „Unknown“ in the depot balance?


No problem! This has no effect on the calculation of your tax report, but only on the total value of your portfolio displayed in the asset balance.

Real-time prices for portfolio tracking are unfortunately not always available live and depend on whether your asset is listed on Coinmarketcap with a daily available price. If your asset is already listed there and still no value is displayed, please report this to our support staff via ticket.

Hint: Adding custom currency rates to transactions by the user does NOT affect the values displayed in the asset balance of your account, but helps to fix the „missing fiat value“ error.

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