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How to import data via Cosmos (ATOM) public key?

Cosmos blockchain transactions can be imported via public key into your Blockpit Wallet Depot.


The following Cosmos (ATOM) transactions are automatically imported:


check.png All native transactions starting from December 2019 (CosmosHub V3)
(incl. governance, staking/delegating, etc.)
check.png IBC transfers (Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol)



My DeFi transactions are imported incorrectly!

  1. Create your depot a second time under a different name and check if your transactions are now imported correctly.

  2. If your DeFi transactions are imported under an incorrect transaction type, you can edit them manually.
    Alternatively, please send us your public wallet address (public key) as well as the corresponding transaction hash from Atomscan via ticket.

Why is my asset displayed as „Unknown“ in the depot balance?


How do I receive an automatic tax report for my Cosmos wallet?

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