How do I use generic assets correctly?

What needs to be considered when using multiple generic assets?

In Blockpit, there is the possibility to use so-called "Generic Assets" as placeholders for Crypto Assets or NFTs that are not yet available.

Generic Crypto Asset example:

  • Type: Crypto asset
  • Available quantity: 99
  • Designation: Generic Crypto #99 (GENERIC-CRYPTO-99)


Generic NFTs example:

  • Type: NFT
  • Available quantity: 1000
  • Designation: Generic NFT #84 (GENERIC-NFT-84)



A total of up to 99 Generic Crypto Assets and up to 1000 Generic NFT Assets can be used in different Blockpit integrations.
However, it must be ensured that the same token number (e.g. GENERIC-CRYPTO-2 or GENERIC-NFT-84) is always used for the same asset and for different assets always a different token number (e.g. GENERIC-CRYPTO-2, GENERIC-CRYPTO-3 or GENERIC-NFT-4, GENERIC-NFT-17).

When using Generic Assets you should always consider to Update the Asset Value of your transaction.


Users from Switzerland can only use the Generic Assets feature to a limited extent due to the valuation logic, provided the Assets are sold within a year and before 31.12.

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