Transaction Label "Withdrawal"

The Transaction Label Withdrawal is used to record outgoing assets in your account. Unlinked Withdrawals must either be linked to the matching deposit according to these instructions or edited to the appropriate transaction type.

Withdrawals themselves do not trigger taxable gains or losses, but merely transfer information on acquisition costs and acquisition date when linked, thus serving FIFO (First In - First Out) consideration if applicable for your jurisdiction.


How to create a Withdrawal?

  1. Open your Blockpit Account and click the top menu item on Create New.
  2. Now select Add Transaction.
  3. Now choose the appropriate Depot and the transaction type Withdrawal.
  4. Enter the date and time of the transaction and confirm with Continue.
    In case of a manually created transaction directly in the WebApp, use your local time.
    If the transaction is imported via CSV/Excel, use the standard exchange time UTC.

  5. Now enter the quantity and currency for the outgoing asset. If you paid fees for the transaction, enter them in quantity and currency as well.
    Tip: In the input fields for the currencies, the short name (BTC) or long name (Bitcoin) can be entered as a search term to narrow down the search of the displayed list. If your asset is not selectable, you can get more information here.

  6. Finally, click Create to complete the process and display the transaction in the Depot.

If a Withdrawal is created as a manual transaction in an Unsynced Depot, it will have a direct impact on the displayed asset balance of your depot.
If a Withdrawal in an Exchange or Wallet Depot is created as a manual transaction
, it will not directly affect the automatically and independently imported asset balance of your depot, but it will affect the final balance of your tax report.


How are fees taken into consideration for Withdrawals?

Example: Withdrawal of 1 BTC with 0.0001 BTC fee. 
Fees are mostly considered on the withdrawal side, but can also occur on deposits.

Fees, if paid in the outgoing asset, will be considered as follows:

  • If fees are paid in the outgoing asset:

    "The fee is treated as a separate outflow."
    Outgoing Amount: Net transaction amount (amount excluding fees)
    Fee Amount: Enter fee amount extra

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