How to build a Swap (DeFi)?

Swaps (Trades) of common dApps (Uniswap, Sushiswap, 1Inch, etc.) are in most cases automatically identified in your Wallet Integration using Public Keys.

If you use a Manual Integration, you can also create swaps manually as a Trade.

If you have unsupported DeFi products, your Swaps may be imported as an Unlabeled Withdrawal of Asset1 and Unlabeled Deposit of Asset2.

To successfully replicate a swap, proceed as follows:


Related incoming AND outgoing Transaction

Labels of related (IN & OUT) Transactions can be changed by merging TWO existing Transactions or by editing ONE existing Transaction.


Merging (action bar)

  1. Mark both existing counterparts to be merged to a Trade.


  2. Then select Trade and click on "Merge" in the bottom action bar.


  3. This way, two Transactions become one Transaction with the Label "Trade".

Merging is possible within an integration as well as across integrations.

Manual merging to Label "Trade" can be helpful, especially in Wallet Integrations, if your Trade was not detected automatically. To do this, select both Transactions and choose "Trade" followed by "Merge" to perform the action.


Editing (sidebar)

  1. On the corresponding solo Transaction, navigate to the three dots on the right and then click Edit.

  2. Now an extended Editing Dialog (sidebar) opens. Click on the existing Transaction Label in the sidebar and select Trade.


  3. Then select the corresponding counterpart Integration, add further details if necessary and click on Save.


    Tip: If your integration is not yet selectable, you have to create it first.

  4. So you can also change Transaction Labels this way by editing a single unlabeled Deposit or Withdrawal and even extend these Trades.

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