Transaction Details & Editing of Transactions

Transaction Details Overview

By click on a transaction, all transaction details can be viewed as illustrated in the image below.



Transaction Editing

All possibilities to change or extend transaction details are described in the following.

After editing of transaction details, make sure to always start a recalculation, else you may see outdated tips or values.

Recalculate Transactions.png



Transaction-Labels can be changed individually via a quick menu or collectively via the Bulk Editing Function. In addition, there is the possibility to "merge" transactions to Trade or Transfer.

> Basics on Labeling and Merging of Transactions


Transaction Details

Transaction details such as Label, Date, Asset, Asset Amount, Fee and Transaction ID can also be accessed and customized via the "Edit" button (sidebar).



> More on extended Transaction Details (Ledger & Tax View)



Asset Values are mostly determined automatically, but can be adjusted or added via the "Update Asset Values" button.


> Which Assets are supported?

> More information about the specific Tips


Reset/Exclude/Delete Transactions

Transactions can also be excluded from the tax calculation using the "Exclude Transaction" button. Excluded transactions will no longer appear in your transaction list and can only be found using the "Status = Excluded" filter.

> How to uses Filter Options?

Alternatively, transactions can also be deleted entirely using the "Delete Transaction" button. However, this is only possible for manually created transactions.

Edited transactions can be reset to their initial state via the "Reset transaction" button. If the transactions are "merged", they must first be "unmerged" before they can be reset!


Excluding and Deleting multiple transactions is also possible via Bulk Editing.


Copy Transactions

You can also duplicate an existing transaction. Simply click on "Copy Transaction" to open the sidebar where you can make any necessary adjustments. Once done, click "Save" to finalize the new transaction.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 10.28 1.png



Bulk Editing Function allows Labeling/Excluding/Deleting of multiple transactions.

To do this, select all the desired transactions and choose the corresponding option in the action bar. Note that deleting is only possible for manually created transactions.

Make sure to select only EITHER incoming OR only outgoing transactions, otherwise no label selection will be visible.



> Basics on Labeling and Merging of Transactions

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