Transaktions-Label "Auto-Balancing"

The transaction label "Auto-Balancing" is available for both incoming and outgoing transactions.

Auto-Balancing transactions can't be manually created in the traditional sense as simple manual transactions. They can only be created in the process of solving the Issues: "Mismatched Balance" or "Missing History" through the "Reconcile Balance/History" button.

  • You can best find your created "Auto-Balancing" transactions using the Filter Option: Label = "Auto-Balancing Incoming/Outgoing".

    Auto Balancing Filter.png

  • Only use the Balance/History reconciliation feature if the following steps haven't resolved the issue. Make sure to primarily address all "Missing History" Issues first.

    Auto Balancing Steps.png

    > What do Issues mean and how can i solve them?

  • Pay particular attention to the following explanations and be aware of the tax implications, as when selling assets later, whose acquisition costs were set with a zero-cost basis, the full sale value will be counted as profit

    Auto Balancing Notes.png

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