Transaktions-Label "Auto-Balancing"

The transaction label "Auto-Balancing" is available for both incoming and outgoing transactions.

Auto-Balancing transactions can't be manually created in the traditional sense as simple manual transactions. They can only be created in the process of solving the Tip "Mismatched Balance" or "Missing History" through the "Reconcile Balance/History" button.

  • You can best find your created "Auto-Balancing" transactions using the Filter Option: Label = "Auto-Balancing Incoming/Outgoing".

    Auto Balancing Filter.png

  • Only use the Balance/History reconciliation feature if the following steps haven't resolved the issue. Make sure to primarily address all "Missing History" Tips first.

    Auto Balancing Steps.png

    > What do Tips mean and how can i solve them?

  • Pay particular attention to the following explanations and be aware of the tax implications, as when selling assets later, whose acquisition costs were set with a zero-cost basis, the full sale value will be counted as profit

    Auto Balancing Notes.png

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