How to import data via Bitpanda API key?

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How do I get my Bitpanda API key?

  1. Log in to your Bitpanda account from your web browser.
  2. Click on your User Profile Symbol (Panda) in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on API Key.
  4. Under Application Name, give the key a unique name.
  5. Please leave the expiry date field empty!
  6. Select "Trading", "Transactions" and "Balance" (these are read-only rights).

    Bitpanda x Blockpit API Keys Settings  EN.png
    Note: These are all read-only permissions.

  7. Click on Generate new API key.
  8. You will receive an E-Mail for confirmation.
  9. Click on "Confirm", via Pop-up your private API-key is shown.
  10. Click on Copy and make sure you save the newly created private API key, since you won't be able to access it again.
  11. Your newly created API key will appear at Active API keys.
  12. To import your data, you must first create an Integration in the Blockpit Web App.
    To do so, click + Integration in the upper navigation.
  13. Select Bitpanda from the list of exchanges and then copy the API key into the designated field. Confirm your entries by clicking Create.


Which data can be imported via Bitpanda API key?

Your complete transaction history always serves as the basis for your tax report. Preferably, automatic API solutions are used to import your transactions. Our team is committed to implementing all API data provided by your exchange for you.

Using the following list, you can identify all products that are implemented:


check.png Alle Einzahlungen & Auszahlungen
check.png Alle Trades & Swaps
check.png BEST Gebühren Zahlungen
check.png BEST Reward Distributions
check.png BEST Instant Trade Bonus
check.png Bitpanda Stocks
check.png Bitpanda Metals
check.png Bitpanda Rohstoffe
check.png Bitpanda Leverage Tokens
check.png Bitpanda Card Payments & Cashbacks
check.png Bitpanda Cash Plus
check.png Bounty Reward Distributions 
check.png ICO/IEO Investment
check.png Bitpanda Crypto Index
question.png Staking Reward Distributions
(currently not available via API - Endpoint planned by Bitpanda)

How to add missing Bitpanda Staking Reward transactions?

  • You can find all your Staking Reward transactions under the menu item "History" in the Bitpanda Web App.

    All missing Bitpanda Staking Reward transactions are included in the CSV file you can download by exporting your Bitpanda transaction history.

    Bitpanda Transaction History.png

    After downloading the CSV file, navigate to your Bitpanda Integration in the Blockpit Dashboard under Integrations and select Edit / Upload CSV.

    Bitpanda Staking Rewards - CSV Upload.png

    Now you can upload your Bitpanda CSV file. This will only import your Staking Reward transactions and ignore other transactions.

    CSV Upload Bitpanda Staking Rewards.png

    The CSV file can also be uploaded multiple times without creating duplicates. So if you want to add further Staking Reward transactions in the future, simply upload the unedited new CSV file.

    Please note that Bitpanda does currently not provide a synced balance for your staking rewards via the API. This means that although your calculated balance now matches your Bitpanda balance, the synced balance still does not, resulting in the Tip: Mismatched Balance being displayed on your integration. You must ignore this for the time being - your calculated balance is the one that is decisive for the actual tax calculation.


Thanks to our partnership with Bitpanda, it is always possible to automatically import the entirety of your transaction history via API (Temporary exception: Staking Rewards). In case of missing transactions, you can identify them in the history of your exchange and help our support team via ticket to include them in our import spectrum.

Synced Balance:

question.png Staking

Update 16.05.2024: Bitpanda Staking Synced Balance now fully available! Please note that staking reward transactions must be added weekly via CSV file in order to resolve the Tip: Mismactched Balance. The “Reconcile Balances” function should not be used in this exceptional case!

question.png BCI (Bitpanda Crypto Index)

If a BCI product is held and thus displayed in the asset balance display (Synced Balance) of your Blockpit integration, the Tip: Mismatched Balance will currently always be triggered for the BCI as well as for assets contained in the BCI. You can completely ignore these Tips for the time being, as all transactions are correctly imported via API! The Tips will also disappear as soon as no BCI product is sold and therefor no longer displayed in the Synced Balance. The "Reconcile Balances" function should not be used in this exceptional case!


question.png Giveaway Reward Distributions

(Some Giveaway Rewards are imported as Trade: Fiat to Crypto. This may result in minimal mismatched fiat balances. You can manually add an inflow with the label "Non-Taxable" just before the Trade to adjust the balance).

Please note the information about how the asset balance is calculated in this article.
If balances are displayed incorrectly, you can help our support team via Ticket to add them to our API import scope.

Here you will find instructions on how to create an API-Integration in Blockpit.


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