A Comprehensive Look at Our NFT Gallery

Dive into the most beautiful part of our App: the NFT gallery. Accessible from our dashboard under the NFTs tab, it boasts:

  • A search bar for pinpointing specific NFT collections or individual NFTs.
  • Sorting options for NFT collections or individual pieces (by highest to lowest value, floor price, or alphabetically).
  • A feature to favourite and filter specific NFT collections or individual items.

Explore both the Collection View and the Individual NFT View. 



Collection View

The collection view provides a comprehensive list of all NFT collections. Simply click on it to expand and reveal the included NFTs in a flashcard view. Then, click on an individual NFT to flip it around and access additional information.

  1. Add this collection to your favourites
  2. Displays the floor price (currently for EVM-based chains)
  3. Your collection's value in both crypto and fiat
  4. See all associated transactions or opt to hide an entire collection (useful for filtering out scam assets)
  5. Enlarge the display of this NFT
  6. Share the NFT with your friends
  7. Add this specific NFT to your favourites
  8. Navigate directly to the specific integration in Blockpit
  9. Access links to top NFT marketplaces

NFT Gallery / Individual NFT View

Use the toggle to switch from the Collection to the Individual NFT View and to see all your NFTs side by side:

NFT Tab Gallery View.svg

Every NFT is displayed in a flashcard view, featuring its floor price if available. Clicking on the NFT flips it around, revealing additional information, as explained earlier.

What's a NFT floor price, and how do we calculate it?

A floor price for an NFT represents the lowest price at which an NFT from a specific collection is currently available for purchase. It serves as a reference point for determining the minimum cost of entry into that particular NFT project.

To calculate the floor price, we employ our proprietary Blockpit algorithm, similar to Chainlink's, which meticulously analyses all OpenSea trades while excluding wash trades. This calculation relies on a combination of techniques such as marketplace aggregation, historical averages, outlier identification, and wash trade filters. Essentially, as long as there have been several trades on OpenSea, we can compute a price for the NFT, providing valuable insights for potential buyers.


> More details on the Blockpit-Dashboard

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